Updating Midas

On occasion I will most likely be sending out updates to my build. Add-ons change so how they are used within the build can result in areas that fail. Some add-ons die as their developers retire. It costs time and money to maintain add-ons that are offered free of charge to the end user so it's easy to lose interest in this hobby.
By default, the G-Man Wizard monitors your version of Midas and notifies you when it's sees a newer version is available. It also gives you the option of updating your build or to leave it as is. You can also disable this notification on the Wizard Settings.
Version numbers will also be changed on the G-Man builds page and on the Midas Forum where I post what changes I have made.
Updating your version of my build is your choice, but you have to aware how updating will affect your set up.

Preparing for a version upgrade

The best way to avoid problems is to always do a Fresh Install of a build. This wipes out old files and ensures you have a clean version. They only down-side is that by doing so, you also wipe out any customization you have done on your own, and more importantly, it will wipe out your Library files!
Your Library files can be maintained using a Trakt account, but I personally don't like syncing my Kodi to Trakt because I find it's just another load on an already temperamental system.
One way to save your Library, is with paper and pen. Write down every show and every season with episode that is next to be watched. I used to do this all the time.
Another way is to physically copy the Library files in your system. This is my preferred method, but takes more of a detailed explanation about accessing system files. I do this with the Windows Explorer and the ES File Explorer apk for Android which I have a link to on the Links page. I hope to explain that further in the future but that's an article in itself I will need to write, or record a video for my YouTube Channel.
For my updated version of Midas 1.03 I have included the Backup utility Add-on as a selection below the main System menu. For older versions of Midas, you can find it in the Kodi Add-on Repository under Program Add-ons listed as uninstalled. You can install it and use it just as I have done for Midas 1.03.

Using the Backup Program Add-on

When you run the Backup Add-on it will give you an option of 3 choices;
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Open Settings
  • In the Settings you can define where you want your backup files to be stored. I have configured the default to a folder within your Kodi user files. You can change this to anywhere you like, including a flash drive.
    I recommend you put these backup files in a place you can access and delete at a later time so you don't bloat your system with a bunch of huge backup files. Either and external device or a Downloads folder.
    The Backup currently includes "Add-on Data" and "Database". Both of these are needed to save your Library.
    You can also set a scheduler to back up your system automatically, every day if you want.
    To manually back up, just click on Backup.
    After you update your build, click on Restore. If you changed the Remote Dir for backups, you will need to do that again before you Restore your files.
    For those with a Trakt and/or Real Debrid Account, the G-Man Wizard saves those account settings for you.

    Updating Midas

    If you have your backup and ready to upgrade, you can upgrade by using the G-Man Wizard. Just click on the Wizard icon and click on Builds . The rest is simply a repeat of how you installed your first copy of Midas.


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