Installing Real Debrid

While I am not representing Real Debrid, I do highly recommend it as it does make a difference when using Kodi to stream Movies and TV Shows. I use it myself and hate using Kodi without it.
I do understand that one of the attractions of Kodi is that it is Free to get, and Free to use. Paying for it seems to contriduct your reasons for getting Kodi. However, once you understand what Real Debrid does for you, it actually makes sense to pay the cost of one of the cheapest services you could ever purchase. .
RD is located in the United Kingdom so all pricing is in Euros, but here is a quick breakdown.
* 0.20 euros (approximately 0.29 Canadian or 0.22 US) per day for the #1 package (15 days).
* 0.09 euros (approximately 0.13 Canadian or 0.10 US) per day for the #4 package (180 days).
* That of course, works out to 32.85 euros (approximately $47.45 Canadian or $36.50 US) per year.
What you get in return are better, more reliable links. You will find more HD sources and faster sources to avoid the issues of free links which are, no sources found and buffering issues. There is nothing worse than watching a great movie that freezes every 10 minutes, or feeling forced to watch it in grainy standard definition. If you are looking for 4K, you "may" find some links through RD but without RD forget about 4K.
If you are running Kodi through a quality sound system, you also gain a better chance of better Dolby Surround options.

Register a Real Debrid Account

To start, you can click on my Real Debrid link and register a user account:
Once you have an account set up, you can choose which package you want to start off with by clicking on the menu option "Premium Offers" then click on "Subscribe" for the package you want. Once payment has been accepted, the top of the screen will show you when your subscription expires. You can make another payment any time to extend that expiry date. If your service expires you can reactivate it simply by logging in and making another payment.

Pairing your Real Debrid Account with Kodi

As soon as your account is up and running, you can "Pair" Real Debrid with your Kodi. You will need to stay in your Real Debrid account (or log into it if you signed out) while having Kodi active as you need to switch from one to the other quickly. The active screen you need for Real Debrid is This is where you will enter a code obtained from your Kodi. It is a time limited code so be sure you can get to it quickly. For example, if I am setting up Kodi an my Android device, I have the Real Debrid screen in the browser of my Cell Phone.

  • Next you will need to go into your Kodi Midas. Then from the SYSTEM screen screen go down to the add-ons and click on the add-on "URLResolver Settings" (this is an older Resolver that is being used less and less).
  • From the top menu move to the second option that says "Universal Resolvers". Then go down the screen until you see "Real-Debrid".
  • Click on "Priority" then change the number to 90. Click OK to save this settings. This will close the Resolver so you will need to go back to the Main Menu and click on Resolver Settings once again then go back to Universal Resolvers and then Real-Debrid. I know it's a pain but it's the only way to save your settings.
  • This time click on "(Re)Authorize My Account". When you do that you will get a pop-up within a few seconds providing you with a code. This is the code you have to enter into your real-debrid/device screen. The code is not case sensitive so don't worry about that. It also uses the letter O not the number zero. If you enter the code correctly, it will let you know. If not try again before your time runs out in Kodi.
  • When you have completed that step, you need to return to your Kodi Midas main menu SYSTEM screen once again. This time you click on the add-on "ResolveURL Settings" (this is the more popular and most used) then follow the exact same steps as above. This will pair your Kodi to Real-Debrid.
  • Troubleshooting Real Debrid

    One extra step that I like to do, is to go to my video add-ons configuration and click on "Debrid Only". This removes the free links since I don't like using them. Although I usually keep them for one add-on in case I am trying to watch an older TV Show that isn't getting any hits with Real Debrid. I call it the "if all else fails" option.
    If you try to watch a movie and you get a "Codec error screen" then it's because that movie hasn't been released in digital format yet and is probably still in theaters. Just be patient and wait for it to be released.

    Once you have a Real Debrid account, don't be a hero and share your account with friends and family. If Real Debrid suspects (by viewing your IP address) that you are sharing your account, they will shut you down.

    If none of your RD links seem to be working, log into your RD account and make sure it hasn't expired.
    You may also run into problems using a VPN with RD. RD acts like a VPN since you are going thru their service just like you would go through a VPN service, without slowing you down.
    If you have any problems with RD, you will need to check everything before contacting them. I'd start with a speed test (located in the sub menu of the Midas SYSTEM screen) to ensure your internet connection is good. Then I would check your RD account to ensure it's still active.
    Finally, I would make sure I tested more than one video and more than one add-on to be sure it's not the add-on or video that has failed.

    You also earn "Fidelity Points" by using RD and once you have 1000 points you can cash them in for another 30 days of service.


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