A collection some useful website links to help you on your quest.

Kodi Links

Get the latest version of Kodi here: http://kodi.tv

Find some top trending Add-ons here: https://kodiapps.com/addons-chart

Forum for Users and Developers of Kodi Add-ons: https://www.reddit.com/r/Addons4Kodi/new/

Real Debrid (Supercharge your Kodi for about $3/month!): http://real-debrid.com/?id=1929504

Android Links

Find some great Apps for your Android device here: https://android-1.com/en/

Highly recommended utility to manage Kodi files: https://android-1.com/en/2570-es-file-explorer-manager-pro.html

Streaming AVE on YouTube

The YouTube channel is currently under development


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