Users Guides (in development) for the G-Man Builds

Installing Kodi and various add-ons is straight forward once you know the steps. However, there is a lot more to do after installation. You can begin using it right away, but you are not getting the full benefit of the program if you don't access the settings and configure them to your specific needs.
When you download my Build you get something that has been created for anyone. You can tweak that Build and customize it to what you like, want and need.
With these articles I will tell you what you can do after you install the Build (see the G-Man page for detailed instructions on installing my Repo, Wizard and Build). I will also tell you what you can do to customize it even further.

I am writing these articles when I have the spare time, so please be patient as I post them one Page at a time.
There will also be videos available on my YouTube channel, which I will create as time permits. This entire project is only a side hobby for me and this is the starting point..

The Midas Manual

  • Chapter 1.......... Setting Up Midas
  • Chapter 2.......... Using Midas
  • Chapter 3.......... Using Your Library

    More articles to come.....

For video guides, see the Streaming AVE YouTube channel:

Midas Build Manual
Main Index
Setting Up Midas
* more to come
Using Midas
* more to come
Using Your Library