Setting the Weather to your Region

One of the first things I like to do after installing the build, is to setup the Weather Widgets to display the correct weather for my area. This can be done quickly and easily, once you know where to go in the build.

Your Location

Your first step to set your weather is define a general location of your forecast.
  • Starting from the SYSTEM section of the main menu, click on System, then click Services
  • Go down to Weather, then right over to Settings and click on it.
  • Now click on "Location 1" and enter the city/town you live in. If you live in a small town or rural area, enter a town that's close to you or try your Postal/Zip Code and click done. Options will pop up to try and identify your location. Click on the one that applies to you. If you want more than one location (to see the weather elsewhere) you can do so by clicking on Location 2, 3, 4 etc.
  • Now go back to the previous screen if you need to define your Region (County)..

    Celsius and Fahrenheit

    Some countries use Celsius, while others use Fahrenheit for temperatures. To change this, you need to go into your system settings. This is very simple to do.
  • From the Main Menu click on "SYSTEM" (You may already be in the System screen if you just completed setting your location as above) then click on "Interface".
  • Highlight "Regional" then move to the right of the screen and click on "Region default format".
  • Click on your Region and all applicable settings will be adjusted for you. In some countries like Canada there are people who still use the old Fahrenheit because that's what they are used to. You will see on this screen that you can manually adjust the individual settings for Region (including language) and set them to whatever you want. When you are done, you can back out of these screens and return to the main menu.

  • Extended View of Weather

    In Midas, you can click on Weather Details from the sub menu of System.
    In Daemon, you can click on the Weather Widgets.
    This will bring up a more detailed weather forecast and give you access to the Sideblade (see the article on Controls if you don't know what a Sideblade is).
    From the sideblade menu, you can choose another location if you entered more than one in your setup. You will then get the weather report for that area.
    All weather information is generated using the Yahoo Weather Add-on.

    Kodi Build Manual
    Weather Settings
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