Starting Up Your Build

With your Build installed, you only need to activate the Kodi Program to get into your Build and start watching (or listening) to glorious streaming content.
You must be patient with it when starting as it does a lot of things to get up and running. The Weather Add-on seeks out a new forecast, the Wizard does a bit of cleaning, Add-ons are updated where updates are available and the TV Shows you may have in your Library are checked for new episodes
It's best not to do anything until this initialization function has completed. Kodi is a great program, but if it's trying to do too many things at once, you could cause some glitches and possibly get kicked right out of Kodi.
As a rule of thumb, I like to wait on the System screen until the Weather widgets are loaded and I don't see any messages about add-ons being updated. You will see those notifications at the bottom right of Midas or along the very top of Daemon.
I'm not always patient, so I like to fire up Kodi then walk away if I have something else to do so when I come back, Kodi will be finished it's warm up and ready to go.

Shutting Down Kodi

You can leave Kodi running as long as you want, but it's a good idea to shut it down before you head to bed. The Start-up process does checks in the system and cleans out the junk you don't need. It keeps your system fresh and clean. If you avoid doing this your system could start to become problematic.
When you close the Build, you also close the Kodi program. You may also need to switch off the device you are using as well. Restarting your device, like restarting Kodi or restarting a computer, helps with self maintenance.

Midas uses a power bottom at the bottom of the screen to "Force Close" Kodi.
Daemon uses a menu option in the Sub Menu of the System screen to "Exit Kodi".
Both do the same function and closes Kodi immediately.
Alternatively, you can click the "S" Key on a keyboard to activate Kodi's built-in shutdown menu. This is a much slower shutdown procedure that could take a couple minutes to complete.

Kodi Build Manual
Build Start-Up
* more to come *