Command Controls

There are a lot of commands you can execute using your control device, which you may not know about.
To use Kodi, you need to know how to control Kodi.

The Hidden Context Menu

You can access the hidden Context Menu a few different ways, depending on your device and controller.
  • With a Keyboard you can click the letter "C" Key or hold down the "Enter" Key a few seconds.
  • With a Mouse you can click the Right Mouse Button, or hold down the Left Mouse Button for a few seconds (also described as a "Long Click" in technical speak) then release..
  • With a Remote Control you can hold down the Select (or OK) Button for a few seconds, then release. Some Remotes may have an actual "Pop-up Menu Button" that will activate the Context Menu when clicked.
  • The Side Blade

    The Side Blade can be seen on most Kodi screens recessed into the left side of the screen. A small tab is visible in Midas half way down the left side of the screen, but in Daemon it's 3 small bars in the top left corner.
  • You can select it with a Keyboard by pressing the letter "M" Key or by clicking the Left Arrow directional key until the sideblade pops out.
  • With a Mouse, you can click directly on the small Side Blade Tab.
  • With a Remote Control, you can use the Left Directional Key just like the Left Arrow of a keyboard.
  • Other Keyboard Key Buttons

    The "Backspace" Key will take you back to the Previous Screen in Kodi.

    In MS Windows, the " \ " (backslash) Key will change your screen from "Full Screen" to "Windowed" and back again. This is good if you want to multitask and have Kodi running while working in other windowed applications.

    To EXIT Kodi you can;
    in Midas, click on the Power Icon at the bottom of the Main Menu screen, or
    in Daemon click on the Exit Kodi option in the sub menu directly under SYSTEM.
    Both of these methods activate the custom "Force Close Kodi" add-on which is the fastest way to exit.
    The keyboard "S" Key activates Kodi's built-in shut down menu which is a noticeably slower method.

    To mark a TV Episode, Season, or TV Series as "Watched" or "Unwatched", press the "W" Key.

    During playback of a Video, press the "Spacebar" to Pause the Video. Click again to Un-pause.

    The " . " (period) Key skips forward in a video, the " , " (comma) Key skips backward.

    For Kodi's Sound Volume controls, use " - " (minus) and " + " (plus) Keys. Kodi's sound volume works independently of your viewing device volume controls so you can use one or the other, or both.

    Kodi Build Manual
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