Please Note: I am in no way affiliated to Kodi or anyone else. I have used "open source software" developed by others to create my own projects which work within the Kodi program created by the XBMC Foundation and Team Kodi. I am not good at writing code, I am just knowledgeable enough (or dangerous enough, some might say lol) to edit open source software. I have received a lot for free from the Kodi community and now I am giving back with what little I can contribute.

G-Man Builds

Currently I have two versions of what I call my "Midas Build". I may create others but I will need to play around with some of the other skins available for Kodi to see if there is another one I really like. I like skins that are simple and easy to use right out of the box.
To install one of my Builds, you will first need to add my Repository to your Kodi, then install my Wizard from that Repository. See instructions below on how to install the Repository, the Wizard and the Builds.

The Midas Build
My first Build is the Midas Build. It was created using the Xonfluence skin which is a mod of the old Confluence skin. Basically I did a mod of a mod of a mod. Then it was loaded with some of the best third party add-ons to provide the actual content.
It contains sections for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports, YouTube and a Weather report.
I have provided a Family version of "Midas" and an Adult Version "Midas XXX" which is the same as the Family version with an XXX section replacing the Kid's section.
Please do not download the Adult version if you have kids under 18 around. They can get into it.
I use Midas as my own personal build so I will be keeping it updated as needed.

To try my Midas Build, you will need to install my Repository, then my Wizard as described above. Just ensure that you use a "Fresh Install" to avoid any conflicts with other files currently within your Kodi setup.
For a tour of Midas and a video for installation, see my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/KAsOgOuHMPA
Currently, Midas v1.03 uses the following primary video add-ons for content;

  • The Crew
  • Numbers
  • Venom
  • Fen
  • Scrubs
  • Exodus Redux
  • 7of9 with Alpha and Beta Quadrant
  • Magic Dragon
  • YouTube
  • MP3 Streams
  • GOTO
  • Watchnixtoons2
  • Youtube
  • MP3 Streams
  • The Loop
  • Sportzig
  • Openmeta add-on with the Openload EIM (Extended Info Mod) portal

The G-Man Repo version 1.0

The "G-Man Repo" is a Kodi Repository I have created to hold my own personal projects. Version 1.0 was created for the Kodi 18.x Leia versions of the Kodi program. I'm not selling what I create for myself, but more than happy to share it with anyone who wants to try it out.
Inside my "Repo", you will find the G-Man Wizard which you can use to download and install my designed Builds.

You can add the G-Man Repo from your Kodi by adding this source URL to your File Manager: http://streamingave.com/gman
For Kodi users less experienced in installing Add-ons, here are step by step instructions for a Kodi 18.x (all Leia versions - original skin);
Kodi image to note: Settings Cog    Add-ons icon

  • Using a freshly installed Kodi, at the Home Screen go up to the top and click on the Settings Cog image
  • From the Settings screen click on the large File Manager Icon
  • Click on Add Source (you may have to double-click to get it to open).
  • In the top box, click on <None> and enter the following URL; http://streamingave.com/gman then click OK
  • The name "gman" will appear in the bottom box for the media source. Click OK again.
    (Please note: If you get an error message that says "Unable to Connect" then you have typed the URL incorrectly. Click NO for the error message then click on the URL you just entered to fix it. Confirm again by clicking OK.)
    When the pop-ups close you should now see "gman" on your source list.
  • Now, back out of the screen by either right clicking your mouse, or use the backspace key or similar back key on a remote.
  • Go up and click on the large Add-ons image - then click on the option Install from zip file from the menu
    You will most likely get a pop-up notice at this point point telling you Unknown Sources are currently disabled. To enable this, click on Settings from the pop-up, then from the Add-ons section, click on Unknown Sources. You should see the little switch on the right turn on, then immediately another pop-up window will give you a warning message. Don't panic, this is just the creators of Kodi saying they don't want to hear your complaints if you have problems with what you are installing.
    Click on Yes to proceed then back out of the screen by either right clicking your mouse, or use the backspace key or similar back key on a remote. This will take you back to the previous Add-ons Browser screen and allow you to click on Install from zip file.
  • Now you can click on the source gman then click on the file repository.gman-1.0.zip to install the repo. You will see a pop-up notification in the top right telling you it has been installed.
  • Now that you have the Repository installed, you can install anything inside it by clicking on Install from repository. Continued below.......
  • The G-Man Wizard version 1.0.18

    You will need to install the G-Man Wizard to install my Build. The Wizard is also part of the Build, Once the Build is installed into your Kodi, the Wizard will run in background to help keep your Kodi running efficiently. The Wizard will also notify you whenever an updated version of my Build is posted.

    To continue on from the above Repo installation, you will need to click on Install from repository which is just above the "Install from zip file" menu option..
    Please note: If you moved away from that screen, you can get back there from the Home screen by going down and clicking on Add-ons then up to the top and click on the Add-ons icon. Now click on Install from repository.

  • Click on G-Man Repository then click on Program add-ons. Now click on G-Man Wizard. This will take you to a new screen where you can click on Install. The Wizard will be installed, then take you to a simple Notices screen which are quick notes about updates. You can read it or ignore it, there is nothing important you need to know.
  • Click on Dismiss to close that window and a new menu window will appear giving you some features to toggle on or off. Just leave them on.
  • Now click on Continue then from the next pop-up click on Build Menu which will allow you to choose which Build you wish to install.
  • Click on the Build version you want, then from the next screen choose "Fresh Install". We use Fresh Install because it ensures any previous installations into Kodi are cleaned out to avoid any conflicts and errors.
  • From the next pop-up choose Continue. The Wizard will begin downloading the build, then it will go straight into installing the build. Once the Build has been installed it will close Kodi to initialize everything.
  • Restart Kodi and it will launch with the new Build. Please give it a few moments to update add-ons, install thumbnails and connect to the internet. When the top widgets appear and nothing more pops up on the bottom right, you should be okay to use it.

    There are settings that should be configured but the program is useable as is. I am currently working on a User's Manual and Videos to provide more information on settings. There is a lot to cover and I want to do it right and not overwhelm you with details.
  • YouTube Channel

    ~ Work in Progress ~
    As I create new videos on the installation and configurations of my builds I will post them on my StreamingAVE YouTube channel.
    I will try and make them as brief as possible so you can find the information you need without listening to the stuff you don't.

    Instruction Guides

    ~ Under Construction ~
    Along with YouTube Videos, I will be writing a series of Guides to help you setup my Build and personalize it to your own requirements.
    These Guides will be available to read from the Guides page..

    On Line Support