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If you are new to Kodi
If you are new to Kodi you will need addons to get anything to watch.
Kodi features some addons from it's website:

For a more enhanced experience, you will want to get into addons from third party sources.
You can download them one at a time and install them, or you can install a "Build" which will come with a set of addons installed for you.
Your best source for getting these is YouTube. Many YouTubers will review addons and builds. They will show you what they do and will show you step-by-step instructions on how to install them into your Kodi.

A note of caution that you should keep an eye on the dates of the videos you are watching. Builds and addons are always changing. Some get updated, some get deleted and some are new developments. They are made available for free by hobbyists who may decide to quit working on their project for a number of reasons.
Using outdated and unsupported addons will not give you the best experience with Kodi.
If you can't get any shows or movies, you are probably using an addon that died long ago.
Using Kodi 18.4 with a Diggz Build (Xenon version 19.8.4)
On a Windows 7 PC and an Android 5 (Lollypop) MyGica 1900 Pro Box
I have been using computers since 1985 and I am am a rookie php coder

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