Welcome All

Welcome to the Streaming Audio Video Entertainment website!

This website was created for all the fans of on-line streaming content, from Music to TV Shows and Movies.
You are welcome to use the site if you find it interesting. It’s primary focus is on the Kodi streaming program which you can download and install for free from the Kodi website. It can be run on your computer, mobile device, android box or fire stick.
To help get you going on Kodi, I have also created my own build which you are welcome to install. It includes a set of add-ons and a custom designed interface which make Kodi easy to use.
I also have a YouTube Channel of videos which introduce you to Kodi and to my custom builds. This is all just a side hobby for me to see what I can learn and what I can produce as a designer.

The Forums

The most important feature of this website is the Discussion Forums. With the Forums you can ask questions and provide answers to others who are just learning. As a community we can support each other and get the most out of our streaming experience.
Although the primary focus is the Kodi Streaming system, you can discuss anything associated to streaming, such as any paid streaming service, Android boxes, TV's, wifi setup, surround sound system, etc. Discussions of media such as Music, TV Shows and Movies are also welcome (No spoilers please).
This website is about all Streaming Audio, Video Entertainment.
Of course, any abuse or disrespect of me, this website or anyone contributing to this website will not be tolerated. Lets also try and keep this site as family friendly as possible.
Please note, Spammers will not get a warning, they will be wiped from existence by a snap of my fingers. If you want to make money off my website to promote something, then you better start by stuffing my pockets with cash.
My house, my party, my rules.

G-Man (Gerald)

As a computer user since 1985 I have an interest in all things computer. I've built them, programmed them and built a web based business.
I've been using Kodi since early 2017 learning how it all works, then eventually installing a build. I have been learning ever since.
As a hobby, I decided to create a website so others could share their knowledge, but I wasn't too committed to it.
By September of 2019 I decided to try and develop my own version of a Kodi Build. I didn't like being at the whim of someone else's designs.
If you click on the G-Man option from the main menu, you will get more details of what I have and how to get it.
Any future projects will be added to that section and announced on the Forums.

The Legalities

This website promotes streaming and the various methods of finding streaming content. In no way would I endorse the downloading, copying or redistribution of copyright content. However, in North America there are no laws against streaming just as there are no laws against watching TV with an antenna or listening to the radio. It is illegal to record such broadcasts and distribute them to others. As "Streamers" we do not steal or sell content that may violate copyright laws.
I also encourage Streamers to keep purchasing on-line music and videos to help financially support the creators and producers of the content we all enjoy.