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The Vault
The Vault is a buffet of builds Chef Diggz has put together in one download.
Rather than a bunch of separate builds, the Chef has moved the core of his builds to "The Vault" and rework the individual build designs into "skins". This way you can move from one skin to another without going thru the hassle of doing a completed fresh installation.

Included in these build skins are:
Xenon (Diggz Flagship Build)
Xenon RD (Real Debrid Only)
Dirty Chef (Adults Only)
Urban Essence
Diggz Kids

Please keep in mind that these are Kodi 17.6 Builds.
If you wish to use the new Kodi 18.x series I would suggest you use the Chef's Kodi 18 Wizard and use his builds designed for Kodi 18.

The Vault is currently on Version 4

For more instructions on installing The Vault please check out this video:
Using Kodi 18.2 with the Xenon Build 19.1 on a PC and on a MyGica 1900 Pro Android Box

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