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The Kodi Program
Kodi is an interface to allow you to watch streaming TV, Movies and other Videos. It also allows you to listen to music.
The program is basically a control panel with nothing in it. It's up to you to plug in "addons" which brings you streaming content.
Kodi has some addons you can download and install right from their website. However, most people prefer to use third party addons which gives you access to current movies and tv shows. Of course there are a lot of legal issues involved with these third party addons, but currently there are no laws preventing you from using them as long as you don't physically download and save content. Streaming is as legal as using a radio.
Please note, Kodi does NOT support third party addons. That's what YouTube does and what this site will try to do as the community grows.

Visit the Kodi website for all the news and versions of Kodi.
Kodi is available for: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple (iOS, Mac OSX), Raspberry Pi

The current version of Kodi is version 18.2 "Leia"
You can download it directly from the Kodi website here:
Android users can also install it directly as an app from the Google Playstore

Keep in mind that "Leia" is the newest release so not all third party addons are compatible yet.
If you have issues and need to fall back to version 17.6 "Krypton", you can download that here:

If you don't like Kodi, chances are you aren't maintaining it well. An up to date setup, with Real Debrid should get you what you want.
Check for updates at least once a month as things change quickly in the world of third party addons.
Using Kodi 18.2 with the Xenon Build 19.1 on a PC and on a MyGica 1900 Pro Android Box
Kodi 18.2 is now available
Using Kodi 18.2 with the Xenon Build 19.1 on a PC and on a MyGica 1900 Pro Android Box

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