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YouTube Video Tutorials
Turner JustShowMe is awesome for getting into the nuts and bolts of Xenon and Kodi 
You will find videos on how to install Xenon (latest version) and how to adjust many of it's features. 
Find out how to customize your build and how to back it all up.
You will also get a peek at some of his favourite addons.

Turner JustShowMe is also a member of this community so if you have any questions let us know. Your questions may give him ideas for his next video.
I will try and answer questions here as well, but I am only a Xenon Jedi, Turner JustShowMe is a Xenon Master Jedi. Righton
Using Kodi 18.2 with the Xenon Build 19.1 on a PC and on a MyGica 1900 Pro Android Box
Turner JustShowMe has put in some serious time in creating a video user manual for configuring your build. Builds are ready to go right out of the box but should be setup to your specific needs and you should have a basic understanding of how to use them to get what you want.
The only thing missing from a build is the user's manual so this gives your that.
If you have any questions about anything Kodi related, you can ask Turner or post your question in these forums. I try to keep up to date with what's going on and have been a Kodi user for over 2 years. 

Part 1 Housekeeping and setup of Kodi on your PC -

Part 2 Installing Xenon and initial setup for non Real Debrid users -

Part 3 Setting up Real-Debrid, Trakts and configuring the add-ons -

Part 4 wallpaper, screensavers, your favorite add-ons and widgets -

Part 5 More add-ons EIM (Portals) Add-ons, Menus, Widgets -

Part 6 More setting, Super Favorites, Submenu, adult (pw 69) and Subtitles -

Part 7 Final Clean Backup, Cloning, transfer and moving files -
Using Kodi 18.2 with the Xenon Build 19.1 on a PC and on a MyGica 1900 Pro Android Box

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